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  • Submitted By: Ben Ainscough
  • Submitter Affiliation: McDonnell Genome Institute, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Submission Date: 10-MAR-2016
  • Reference URL: Visit

Justification for Inclusion

CIViC outlines clinical interpretations of variants in cancer in short, human readable summaries. The sister resource to DoCM, CIViC has a more narrow scope limited to only clinically actionable mutations with detailed interpretation statements. Despite this more narrow scope, CIViC’s requirement for curated summary statements (comparable to My Cancer Genome) results in a significantly higher curation burden in comparison to DoCM. Additionally, CIViC adds additional parameters to improve the evidence summaries, including rating the quality of the publication, classifying the clinical level, and outlining the direction of the assertion (supports vs refutes). DoCM uses an automatic importer to periodically query the CIViC API for new variants which then get included into DoCM as a minor version. Only CIViC variants with well defined genomic coordinates are included in DoCM, like SNVs and indels. For more details on the CIViC curation process please refer to

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